Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 7:Watch Careful The Things You Say Online

Susan believes Katherine may have been Julie’s assailant and when she goes over to give a piece of her mind to the cops working the case she gets turned over to another female detective named Denise who insists on taking over the investigation.Poor Susan after collaborating with Denise she finds out that she gave her the nickname Moose and stole her boyfriend while they were in high school.Seeing that revenge is a dish best served cold ,after Denise spoke to Katherine about Susan’s suspicions and created a bond with her,she locks Susan up for shooting Katherine.Meanwhile, Angie invites a reluctant Bree and Orson to dinner,things go really bad but at the end the two ladies end up working together thanks to some mouthwatering Italian recipes.Gaby who is struggling to home school Juanita lands on a maid with a PHD (Ivana, a Romanian woman with a degree which the U.S. does not accept as legal) who solves all of her problems but leaves her with a dirty house.Lynette has her own suspicions as to who attacked Julie so she confronts Nick about the affair and he threatens the hell out of her.You know Lynette never backs down,so she calls the cops on him but Angie lies and gives him an alibi.Overall, this episode was wonderful but the pace of the mystery is starting to slow down ,we are not sure the writers will wrap up all the story-lines by the finale.Dangerous dudes have been a dime a dozen on Wisteria Lane but Dominic is the creepiest thus far.What are your thoughts on the episode?

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